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'Earn 'FIVE TIMES' the Value without losing your MONEY'! - A Unique Social Awareness Campaign by the 'Alliance Judgment Recovery'. ...'Sale Brochure'

"GLOBAL CAMPAIGN TO EXPOSE THE 'FUGITIVE DEBTOR' WHO RUNS AWAY FROM LAW FOR THE LAST 21 YEARS!" Thanks to Government of India’s own actions, the UAE Ruler is still a 'Fugitive Debtor!' ...... 'Understanding UAE’s $3bn Judgments'

"Marking the 20th Anniversary of the 'Abu Dhabi Police-Looting' in Abu Dhabi, UAE".
"Shop burgled by policeman and his companion Emirati landlord, US$.4m worth money and valuables looted!" Regrettably, the 'Perpetrator' of this 'Heinous Crime' was the State itself whose Ruler at the time was none other than the late 'Sheikh Zayed', the Emir of Abu Dhabi and absolute Ruler of the UAE; and the 'United Nations' has an obligation to act. ... "Statement on the Occasion of the '20th Anniversary of Abu Dhabi Police-Looting, UAE"

Judgment for sale

’Let us strengthen the bonds of friendship between India and Gulf Countries’
'A sure means of investment opportunity for 'Social Justice' that may come across because of its strong Legal back-up and Government support. “The execution of Judgments of the UAE Court is a part of ‘Indo-Gulf Reparation’ Movement”.

It’s time to make a change – UAE Reparations

Millions of Indians working abroad will be the beneficiaries of a 'Mutual Reparation Mechanism' if put into practical effect. Give us a hand to reach our goals by making a contribution to enforce the Judgments and thereby uphold INDIA-UAE Judicial Integrity. "The Sale Prospects of UAE Judgments" Read More

Failure to Fulfill Court-Ordered Reparations – Judgment Denied

By failing to implement court-ordered reparations, Congolese authorities have weakened trust in the rule of law. Any trust the courts may have earned from victims through the legal proceedings has given way to disappointment and frustration. More broadly, the situation appears to have eroded the faith of the general public in the ability of the legal system to redress harms that result from serious crimes....Read More

Human Rights – Expanding horizons

‘The records of the case of the Delhi High Court would expose one of the worst violations of those human rights in an oil rich country. And that too, in spite of the judiciary of that very state, proclaiming the innocence of an Indian, who toiled in those desert lands, but had been tortured by a wily policeman, to leave the country, but without even a single Dirham from his many million savings of 18 years duration. Curiously the Indian bureaucrat ’...Read More

Safeguard the Rule of Law by ensuring Justice, Freedom and Peace in society.


Demanding Justice, Truth and Court-ordered reparations

Respect Judicial decisions and uphold the rule of law.

Mindful, in particular, that a judgment debt is hanging over the Abu Dhabi Emirate, United Arab Emirates. The judgment is binding and enforceable by the court of Abu Dhabi from where the ruling came from. It should also be kept in mind that successor governments remain bound by the acts incurred by the predecessor governments. The Judgment debt of Abu Dhabi, can be eliminated or satisfied by the enforcement of judgments and legal remedies...Investors

Is the External Affairs Ministry of India above the Law?

The External Affairs Ministry, Government of India, was directed by High Court of Delhi to dispose of the representation submitted by petitioner within two months of the date of the Judgment. The directives contained in the judgment of Delhi High Court was dated 20-11-1997. In total negation of such a specific order of the Delhi High Court, the External Affairs Ministry, despite the lapse of 16 years of date of the judgment, demonstrates a blatant disrespect to the law of the country. The legal instruments that a society or government develops in order to deal effectively with crime and meaningful relief to victims of their circumstances. When these legal principles are ignored it would only erode the public faith and confidence in the judicial system...‘Read Publications’

Legal Instruments:-

UN Conventions and other instruments on reparations. UN Convention Statute/s on the International validity of Criminal Justice and the Rights to victim that emphasize the importance of getting and enforcing the Judgment...More

"Probe an anthill" examine the 'Case Law' of the United Arab Emirates' (UAE)

The Constitution of the UAE - ( View Documents )

Judicial System in Abu Dhabi – United Arab Emirates (UAE) - ( View Documents )

Procedures for Criminal Cases 'Federal Law of United Arab Emirates' (UAE) - ( View Documents )

Responsibilities of the UAE President - ( View Documents )

... More Documents

Letters to Ministry of External Affairs, India

Letter to Ministry of External Affairs, presents the victim's plight, seeking their official assistance towards execution of the Judgment...(Full Text)

Documentation Portals

View Documents - Click here

Campaign Portal:-

UAE Human Rights - Click here

Buy the Judgment – UAE Judgments for Sale!

The total face value of above listed 'portfolio of Judgments' worth over $ 1,200 million - The sale price, it is only 35% of the original price! (View Sale Prospects) What's it mean?

Guaranteed 3 times more value of investment along with 4.5% yearly bonus. Once the enforcement is set in motion and the pending dues are realized, the investors’ benefit could be well taken care of. How To Buy the Judgment?

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A Portfolio of UAE Judgments:- The sale price, it is only 35% of the original price!...Read


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